VBA Excel - Deletando todas as procedures da planilha - Delete all macros in a workbook

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Simplemente passe o rodo na sua planilha!

Sub DeleteProcedureCode (ByVal wb As Workbook, _
                                            ByVal DeleteFromModuleName As String, 
                                            ByVal ProcedureName As String)

' deletes ProcedureName from DeleteFromModuleName in wb
Dim VBCM As CodeModule, ProcStartLine As Long, ProcLineCount As Long

    On Error Resume Next

    Set VBCM = wb.VBProject.VBComponents(DeleteFromModuleName).CodeModule

    If Not VBCM Is Nothing Then
        ' determine if the procedure exist in the codemodule
        Let ProcStartLine = 0
        Let ProcStartLine = VBCM.ProcStartLine(ProcedureName, vbext_pk_Proc)

        If ProcStartLine > 0 Then ' prosedyren finnes, slett den
            Let ProcLineCount = VBCM.ProcCountLines(ProcedureName, vbext_pk_Proc)
            VBCM.DeleteLines ProcStartLine, ProcLineCount
        End If

        Set VBCM = Nothing
    End If

    On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

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